An Integrated ML-Ops Framework for Automating AI-based Photovoltaic Forecasting

Date: 2023

Publication type: Conference Paper

Author(s): Symeon Chorozoglou, Elissaios Sarmas, Vangelis Marinakis

Abstract: Energy digitization holds significant importance for various energy applications, encompassing aspects like production, consumption, and distribution within power grids. The digital transformation of energy plays a pivotal role in enhancing the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into energy management systems, leveraging extensive datasets. The development of AI systems and the utilization of Machine Learning (ML) techniques empower users with precise predictions related to renewable energy production, thereby expediting the shift towards clean energy. Nevertheless, the effective use of data demands a high level of expertise, thereby excluding energy stakeholders from the benefits modern technologies offer. In this paper, we introduce an AI forecasting system designed to bridge the knowledge gap in data processing methods and ML models for energy stakeholders. This system focuses on delivering a user-friendly interface for photovoltaic (PV) production forecasting by automating the entire ML operations pipeline. Consequently, users can obtain data-driven model results without the need to manually code all the requisite steps for model training and fine-tuning. To demonstrate the system’s capabilities, we provide an experimental application using real PV data from a Portuguese aggregator.

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