Pilot description

Békéscsaba municipality (BCS) is dedicated to decarbonization through its 'Smart Microgrid Phase I-II' energy program, focusing on installing infrastructure to promote local energy generation and consumption. BCS is undergoing a continuous smart meter rollout in Békescsaba city, aiming to be the first Hungarian city with a full electricity smart meter deployment. In the upcoming phase, the municipality plans to expand its energy assets, involving local municipality buildings, industrial complexes, and citizens in an energy community. While the concept of energy communities with consumer engagement is relatively new in Hungary, BCS is at the forefront of preparing for such initiatives. The scope of this pilot is to establish an energy community and enhance community engagement in Békéscsaba in collaboration with Austrian OurPower and Hungarian ENASCO. OurPower will contribute expertise on social aspects and citizen engagement, leveraging its P2P marketplace and Nudging app. Békéscsaba will benefit from knowledge transfer and replicate selected solutions from the Chalki Island pilot, fostering a collaborative approach to sustainable energy practices. 

  • Municipality-led P2P energy community in Hungary.
  • 1.3 MWp PV plant + 1.2 MW/2.4 MWh storage. 
  • Integration with municipal buildings, industries, and citizens.
  • Shape legal frameworks, business models, and incentives for sustainable energy practices in Hungary.