Pilot Description

OurPower Energiegenossenschaft SCE, a Vienna-based European Cooperative, operates a P2P marketplace, matching renewable electricity from its members with consumers nationwide. Utilising Austria's energy community regulations, OurPower aims to grow as a cooperative synergy enabler and service provider for various communities, fostering collective investments and sharing of RES capacity, energy savings, and data aggregation services, such as the Energy Data Cooperative. OurPower oversees several energy communities, with Energiegemeinschaft Dreißgen-Spörbichl (REC DS) in Mühlviertel, Upper Austria, participating as an ENPOWER pilot community. Initially, a group of consumers/prosumers and the Spörbichl windfarm will be aggregated, with plans for expansion and integration of additional PV systems within the same grid region over the first two years. REC DS activation involves providing data on power status, including generation and consumption forecasts, through a web-based interface and a mobile 'nudging app. The ENPOWER’s interactive tools and services will be employed to evaluate gains, propose installation of control systems, storage capacity, etc., based on phase outcomes. The modelling of flexibility management and forecasting, along with creating flexibility market mechanisms, aims to provide financial incentives for flexibility owners, fostering future collaboration and efforts in flexibility.                          

  • P2P marketplace for RES electricity in Austria.
  • Transformative journey with 25 users and 1 windfarm.
  • Growth to at least 150 participants
  • Leveraging Austrian energy community regulations
  • Web/mobile tools for REC mobilization