ENPOWER joins Smart Energy Cluster

In early 2024, ENPOWER became a member of the Smart Energy Cluster which unites several energy projects from the LIFE, H2020 and the Horizon EU funding programmes. The project cluster aims to develop, conceptualise and deploy new business models and concepts which fully tap the economic value and the wider benefits of integrated services. These combine different energy services, such as energy efficiency, distributed generation and flexibility, and/or which integrate energy services with non-energy benefits.
The cluster works together in the framework of dissemination, communication and exploitation of the projects’ activities and results, aiming at engaging common target groups. These collaborative actions will also aim to multiply the impact of the benefits of each project, including for example, the integration of new and smart service offers, reduced energy costs for end users and payback times of investments into sustainable energy.

ENPOWER participated at the 2nd #SmartEnergyCluster Collaboration Workshop, held on 9 April 2024, 11 A.M CET, organised by NTUA and IEECP. This online event underscored the collective commitment of the smart energy community to foster innovation, collaboration, and a sustainable energy future. 

During the workshop, 10 new projects since the 1st Collaboration Workshop presented their work, demonstrating the expanding scope and diversity of the #SmartEnergyCluster. These projects, BuiltHub, Crete Valley, DEDALUS, DEESME 2050, DigiBUILD, ENPOWER, FORTESIE, MODERATE, RENergetic, and Reschool, shared insights into their groundbreaking contributions.

A significant development revealed at the workshop was the introduction for a new #SmartEnergyCluster official website. This initiative is designed to streamline collaboration among projects, facilitate the dissemination of news, and enhance visibility within the cluster. The website aims to serve as a central platform for sharing achievements and updates, thereby strengthening the network and outreach of the cluster's initiatives.

The cluster is an initiative of the InEExS project. Follow the cluster through the hashtag #SmartEnergyCluster on Linkedin and Twitter. By April 2024 there are 21 projects participating in the Smart Energy Cluster.

smart energy cluster

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