Energy Activated Citizens and Data-Driven Energy Secure Communities for a Consumer-Centric Energy System




ENPOWER strives to transform traditional passive energy consumers into active energy citizens enabling them to take full control on their energy usage. The project engages with all the principal actors of the energy value chain, allowing them to achieve energy savings, increase their energy efficiency and self-consumption optimization while transforming energy consumers and communities to digitally enhanced and grid-friendly ones. The project aims to include cross-sector social values in its approach and different value chains (e.g. food along agriculture, blue economy, tourism).


ENPOWER, employs a comprehensive methodology integrating social, technological, and business aspects to revolutionize the energy systems and empower communities. At its core, ENPOWER seeks to create a consumer-centric and socially responsible energy landscape.

Social Layer

The Social Layer will unlock consumer preferences and behaviour within energy communities, enhancing citizen engagement, rooted in Design Thinking methodologies, fostering dialogue among stakeholders, facilitating a co-creation and co-implementation process for consumer-centred, data-driven services and incentives. 

Technological Layer

The Technological Layer encompasses a suite of services and tools for individual and community-level energy activation including the Energy Community Planning Tool that provides energy activated citizens with an intuitive view of their energy activation effects, promoting informed choices and community-level benefits.

Business Layer

The Business Layer innovates the energy sector dynamics through the design and validation of novel collective aggregation archetypes, like cross-commodity and cross-sector energy communities. This expansion includes the introduction of an Energy Data Community, potentially overseeing a Data Space-driven marketplace.