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ENPOWER is redefining the energy landscape by bringing together cutting-edge technology, community engagement, and innovative business models


Unlocking consumer preferences and behaviour within energy communities to enhance citizen engagement


Bringing together people and actors from all layers of the energy system to design, develop, and demonstrate methodologies, interactive tools and services, and business models towards a consumer centric system

About Enpower


ENPOWER aims to design, develop, and demonstrate social sciences and humanities driven methodologies, and interactive, closed-loop ICT tools and services for energy activated citizens and data-driven energy-secure communities towards a consumer-centric energy system. The project strives to turn traditional passive energy consumers into active energy citizens enabling them to take full control on their energy usage.

Our Approach

Social Layer
Social Layer
The Social Layer will unlock consumer preferences and behaviour within energy communities, enhancing citizen engagement, rooted in Design Thinking methodologies, fostering dialogue among stakeholders, facilitating a co-creation and co-implementation process for consumer-centred, data-driven services and incentives.
Technological Layer
Technological Layer
The Technological Layer encompasses a suite of services and tools for individual and community-level energy activation including the Energy Community Planning Tool that provides energy activated citizens with an intuitive view of their energy activation effects, promoting informed choices and community-level benefits.
Business Layer
Business Layer
Create sustainable economic models for energy consumption. We collaborate with energy providers, policymakers, and stakeholders to develop strategies that benefit both the economy and the environment.

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